Something I seem to ask rather frequently these days.


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Standing in Pyramid Lake in Northern Nevada

My mind is  swimming as it has been all this week with the mountain of lies and counter-lies that are building up higher than the Rocky Mountains.

I have such little tolerance for lies, and those who wish to pat us on the head and say, “there, there Little girl/old woman, you just don’t understand how these government things work. It’s just too complicated for your poor little head. Let us old white men deal with the difficult stuff, go back to your knitting. We know what’s best for everyone.”

Veterans being screwed out of compensation and medical coverage, veterans being held in DC for 12,18,24 months when all they want to do is go home; media spinners and liars, Scooter Libby whiners, Iran is out to get us but we’re not provoking them, it’s okay if dems use the PAC loop hole for big expensive lobbyist funded golfing parties, Lieberman says he’ll turn repub if the dems try to manage the war funding, changing the deployment rules for NG troops. . .oops, we’re starting over, as far as the USgov is concerned, you’ve never been deployed before; hospitals dumping patients on the streets in California (still in their hospital gowns and unable to care for themselves),

Global warming, we’ll get around to it, IF we can find a way to make billions from it, No minimum wage, just can’t do it, health insurance???? ah only if the only ones that benefit are the insurance companies, TV ads begging us to not mess with plan B drug program, sponsored by big pharma (I’m so surprised), We can’t live without massive quantities of oil (sponsored by Exxon), talking heads everywhere, the arrogant a**hole economist that said tough nuggies if the middle class has to cut back, just give up your second car, all but one of your TV’s, your big mortgaged house, your cell phones, your too many clothes, eating out. . .

we don’t have poor in America we just live too well(this garbage via O’Rourk on PBS News Hour), Michael Crichton (MD and novelist) on Charlie Rose program tells us anyone who develops a drug for a specific disease not only patents the drug but the disease as well (WHAT??), so no one else can do research on the disease their drug is treating; gotta cap those damn punitive damages those librul lawyers are getting, it’s just unconstitutional to reward little people for corporate malfeasance, media will only cover dem candidates and tell us every suspect breath they have taken whether they actually did or not, create controversy and dissent where it does not exist;

Anna Nicole Smith, repeat and repeat 100,000 times a day, do not rinse except for use of bald Britney Spears, no Habeus Corpus for Gitmo detainees, everything is dandy in Iraq. . .look. . .see. . .stay the surge is working, a severe head trauma or lack of two or more limbs is not grounds for medical retirement from the military, it is just a little old 20% disability, quitcher complaining and go get a job. Anything psychological that you are experiencing you had before you came into the service, move along nothing to see here; voting reform? well, we know what’s best for you, we’ll have the machines print out something but we aren’t having any of that “paper trail” stuff, get real.

Eavesdropping? gotta do it, terra ists ya know, and we need to list all those anti Bush and anti war folks on there cuz we can’t be havin that stuff go on here; the democrats are making a terrible mistake, the democrats are making a terrible mistake, the American people don’t want us to pull our troops out, they want us to WIN, poor Scooter Libby, he just forgot, so we’ve lost 3million plus jobs. . .that’s the free market for ya, we can make these economic figures say whatever we want, just watch, more than 50% of people who live and work in Idaho earn beneath the poverty line???? What????? $20,000 a year or less???? the state legislature says let’s propose wonderful programs, then let’s not fund them, ok? Kewl.  We can always spin it to the voters.

I haven’t enough rage to go around any more. Just a sick, dead, hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach. I hear nothing but lies from everyone in power or pseudo-power, party affiliation nor nation has any corner on the market.

So that is why I go where I can resonate with an energy of truth and peace. That is why I work at increasing that energy and spreading it like peanut butter on everything in this world. That is why I still see hope even though it seems to have disappeared from the view of most here. I effect what I can from where I can, and I care for my own tender heart so it can live on to encompass those who are in more pain than I am.

So. . .not much going on here. How about you?

Hugs and blessings