Well well, what do you know?  The “evil” Serbs were exonerated and I’m reading about it on Iranian, Russian and Mexican newspapers.  What a “surprise” that no major western European or American paper is covering this.
English here, Spanish here, Serbian here.

Many moons ago I wrote about Serbia’s so-called “genocide” over on the orange site and I got a lot of angry comments.  I’ve always been “politically incorrect” in this issue because the illegal invasion of Yugoslavia was a Clinton policy and yet in my mind there is virtually no difference between that war and the 2003 Iraqi invasion.  But since “evil Bush” did what he did in 2003 then it’s okay for some on the left to openly criticize it but good old Bill Clinton and his war criminal general Wesley Clark did the Yugoslav one then by all means, let’s defend it.

Anyway, for those of you who are interested, the official ICJ court ruling is here (in English).  It basically states that those “evil Serbs” did not commit genocide nor have a policy of committing genocide nor even “conspire” to commit genocide.

Don’t worry, they did find that Serbia failed to prevent genocide in Srebrenica so it’s okay for that particular sop to the west to continue to live on.  I wasn’t there in 1995 and I certainly don’t justify or defend acts of war but I will add for the (extremely unpopular) record that I hardly think it was genocide.

Of course quibbling over whether it was genocide or just a whole lot of people getting killed in the middle of a war is drawing a mighty fine distinction.  What happened both in Srebrenica as well as throughout all of former Yugoslavia was horrific.  There’s no joy in saying “Oh it wasn’t genocide, it was just a few thousand people getting killed, some in armed conflicts, some in inter-faction fighting, some in prison camps and some through malnutrition.”  

I had the privilege of visiting Yugoslavia back when it was still a nation and I’ve lived right on Serbia’s border for a while in the post-war era and I’ve known people of all ethnicities from the former Yugoslavia.  Absolutely nothing came from this war, nothing whatsoever, except maybe for in Slovenia where they joined the EU and also got a brand-new access to the Istrian coast.

Anyway if you’d like to read my full story on Srebrenica over at the orange site, click here.  If you’re fully convinced you know the facts about it and those boil down to “evil Serbs slaughtered 8,000 unarmed men in Srebrenica” then please do me a favor and just keep your comments civil.  I already know it’s a sensitive topic and I know my opinion isn’t overly welcome on this subject.  

I’m not trying to anger anyone here today, just point out that Serbia finally got a little justice today and it’s being ignored by the MSM so I thought I’d write a brief Diary on it.


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