[ed. note: the post we discuss below was not written by gateway pundit but by patrick ishmael of news buckit. our apologies to gateway pundit for the confusion]

our buddy actor212 of simply left behind sent us this proof that we are indeed a-list bloggers up there with markos and duncan…a post from gateway pundit “proving” that liberal bloggers use profanity at a far greater rate than conservative bloggers:

and this is what i found, using what i deemed — through a mix of ttlb and 2006’s weblog award lists — to be the 18 biggest lefty blogs, and 22 biggest righty blogs. (not counting this one. :)) i couldn’t account for the 6-month time period, and i even gave the lefty blogs a 4 blog advantage. but it didn’t make much of a difference.

so how much more does the left use carlin’s “seven words” versus the right? according to my calculations, try somewhere in the range of 18-to-1.


– – more of gateway pundit, and his bad results, after the jump – –
gateway pundit continues:

how did i get this result? i searched google using the following format and recorded the page results that were returned:

site:xyz.com “search term 1” or “search term 2” or “search term 3″… et al.

nine search terms total — the seven profanities as single words, and two of those as their own two-word variations. i then added the individual site results together and compared them. the results are below.



yes, we are there on the lefty blog table, having used carlin’s 7 dirty words a total of “419 times.”

we are pleased to know that, contrary to every technorati, alexa, and truth laid bear traffic counting system devised for measuring impact of a blog, we are one of the “18 biggest” liberal blogs. but then, when have facts ever meant anything to a conservative trying to make a point?

(we are guessing gateway pundit used our status as a finalist in the 2006 weblog awards as criteria. thanks, we think.)

several commenters on gateway pundit’s post remarked that counting all diarists and commenters on blogs skews the results.

we personally wonder why gp left protein wisdom off the conservative table. was he afraid jeff “slap your face with my c*ck” goldstein’s inclusion would skew the results in the exact opposite direction? (we can see it now: “liberal to conservative use of dirty words, 1 to 5,347??? no, we’d better leave protein wisdom off!”)

tho we are happy to be included with the big guys, we were left quite perplexed. aside from a handful of purposeful usage of swear words for comic effect, skippy’s policy is to insert asterisks for vowels, so you can’t really read the f*cking expletive.

but luckily we liberals have the scientific method on our side, and rule one of the sm is reproducable results, eg, if we do what gateway pundit did, we should come up with the same results.

so, we took him at his word when he said

how did i get this result? i searched google using the following format and recorded the page results that were returned:

site:xyz.com “search term 1” or “search term 2” or “search term 3″… et al.

and used google for our site alone.

and what did we find?

skippy the bush kangaroo’s occurrences of george carlin’s famous 7 dirty words:

2 times.

actually, 136 times. luckily actor 212 pointed out our original search included the “www” which is not necessary for google. still and all, 136 times is less than a third as many times as gateway pundit has for us.

so gateway pundit somehow got more than three times the number than we did for our site (and there were examples in ours of quoting other people, such as this musing on fcc fines. and a cursory trip thru the results shows us that most of the nasty words comes from commenters, which we covered above.

john lott. paging mr. john lott…gosh, where’s tim lambert when you need him?

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