Welcome back.

This week we’ll be taking a detour from our Sedona, Arizona scene.  We will go back to it soon.

Remember this painting?

Well, after painting the second car (foreground), I was just itching to paint the words low miles or creampuff in the windshield.  And so it came to me that I might try painting a car lot.  But what I thought, in my bizarre thought chain, is that a used car lot would be more interesting and dramatic.  I found several photos of a lot in Arizona, and the following seemed appropriate.

Front and center is a 1959 Volvo, a car known for rugged durability and 1940s styling at a time when tailfins ruled.  It will make for an interesting painting.  My initial brushstrokes are seen below.

I can’t wait to paint something in the windshield.  See you next week.

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