The netroots is good for a variety of things, but the most important is probably for how it holds the media accountable, fact checks, and offers a non-corporate perspective on world events. Our mere existence helps shift the media to the left (towards the truth, actually). In this context, the successful campaign to get Nevada Democrats to drop the FOX News sponsored debate is probably the biggest win of all time. John Edwards dropped out of the debate first. Then, last night, Fox News Channel chairman Roger Ailes made a joke comparing Barack Obama to Osama bin-Laden. That prompted Bill Richardson to drop out. And the Nevada Democrats caved in and canceled the event.

The point of this is to make it as clear as day that FOX News is not an ordinary news outlet, but a propaganda machine that serves the interests of the Republican Party. It’s hard to see any future Democrats cutting deals with FOX News. The Presidential debates will be another matter, as the GOP nominee may insist on having a debate on FOX. The Democrat should refuse. No Democrats should go on FOX News as guests. No one affiliated with the party should claim to speak for the party on their programs. Alan Colmes should get a job with a different outfit. In short, the Democrats should treat FOX News as little different from Pravda, or Cuban television. If you don’t want to be a tool of the opposition, don’t appear on their media outlets and lend them credibility.

Any concern that FOX has high ratings should be knocked down. They will not maintain high ratings if they have no access and cannot create the facade that they are fair and balanced. The loss of the debate in Nevada was the result of a massive grassroots campaign.

According to MoveOn, more than 265,000 people signed a petition sent to the Nevada State Democratic Party.

This can be done again and again, anytime the Democrats flirt with FOX News. Kudos to everyone that worked hard on this campaign.

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