It has come to my attention of late that media outlets are in the business of promoting the Fox network.  In all the possible choices which go into a network news broadcast one would think a plug for a competing network would make bad business sense.

This morning on Boston’s local channel five there was essentially an infomercial for America Idol, a Fox network show.  This evening on the Comcast homepage there is again a plug for the Fox network
“Iraqi wins Arab American Idol”
Gee, ain’t that just peachy, swell and everything is Apple Pie in Iraq.  Yes, you may pass me another barf bag now.
Boston’s own right wing shill station 96.9 also does this just about daily. Promoting Fox by talking about their programming.  American Idol is one but 24 is yet another.   I know it’s subtle but note how often it happens and I think you will be surprised.  

So, I have a proposal.  Take note of how many times “the competition” mentions Fox network programming.  It makes zero business sense for a “competing” network to do so, right?  Yet they do.
Then call the local station on it.  Why, oh why is their “news” broadcasting about who said what to whom about American Idol.
In doing so you will be taking the wind out of the like of BillO, Coulter, Hannity and the rest of the Jim Jones KoolAide set.  It is a mission from God, a service to all humanity.

And don’t make me tack up my Apocalyptic horse this Friday either.

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