The below story shows, to me at least, how totally inept George Walker Bush and his entire administration are. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi goes to Syria and accomplishes what Bush and his entire team of foreign policy incompetents cannot…in one meeting.

Ms. Pelosi has more foreign policy savvy in her little pinky than George Walker Bush has in his entire administration:;_ylt=AmZ3VgqvyIZe1n5wGOm8VoGs0NUE

It should be embarrassing to Bush & his gang of incompetent thieves that the new speaker of the House, who has served in that office just a few months, has more diplomatic skills than he and his entire foreign policy team combined.

In addition, does anyone else read anything into the fact that Ms. Pelosi, of all of the responsibilities and priorities she already has on her plate, has made this trip to Syria a priority? Is she burnishing her foreign policy credentials for some reason?

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