I watched a little bit of the Senate debate over the stem cell research funding bill today (they’re voting on it now). And I’ve come to the conclusion that Senator Sam Brownback is one of the slimiest most dishonest hucksters to ever hold elective office. But I got to thinking…what if I woke up tomorrow and discovered that I was a U.S. Senator and I had to make chit-chat with these people? What would I want to talk about?

I could ask John McCain about his time in a North Vietnamese prison, or talk to Jim Bunning about that no-hitter he threw back in 1964, or whenever it was. I could chat up Lieberman about his time working with the civil rights movement. I might rap with Patrick Leahy about the Grateful Dead. There are ways to get along with people that you disagree with…especially people that you work with.

Which Senators would you like to talk to? What would you say?