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It looks like GM, in all its infinite wisdom, has taken the VOLT Vote down. They did so just as the vote was fast approaching the half million mark. On April 7 I took snap shot of the survey and it stood at just under 450,000 votes tallied of which 446,118 said that GM should build the VOLT and another 445,187 voters said to GM that they would buy the vehicle if it were made. Big, big numbers to say the least, however, I was hoping that the vote would reach the psychological milestone of 500,000. There is just no denying a number like half a million votes. If GM ever says there isn’t enough demand for alternative fuel vehicles remind them that they can use their fingers and their toes to count. Read on for action.

The psychological symbol of going over a half a million I think was too great for GM to simply let stand. It could virtually eliminate their ability to deny that there is sufficient demand for ultra fuel efficient vehicles and vehicles that operate on alternative fuels. Their willingness to remove the Volt vote speaks volumes about GM’s commitment to putting into the market place innovations that have the highest possibility of saving us from the wild price swings of being attached to one source of fuel for our automobiles. Prices for gasoline in my area as of April 13, 2007 were at approximately $3.00 a gallon. We need to press upon GM and the other automakers that we as consumers want these greener products.

So here is what we are going to do. What we are going to do is to talk directly to GM through their Chevrolet Contact Us page. We are going to ask GM to put the Volt vote site back up, of course maintaining the votes already cast. To do this click on the Chevy Volt link below and put something like this in the message:

“I want buy a vehicle like the Volt that uses clean electricity most of the time, but has the ability to operate continuously through the use of a generator allowing me to go long distances. Please put the Volt Vote site back up so that I can register my vote.”

Chevy Volt

PS. If any of you were able to capture a screen shot of the Volt Vote after the 7th and before they took it off the website please show us what the final numbers were. Thank you. JL