A few weeks ago we ran a campaign, Let Sibel Edmonds Speak, calling on Henry Waxman to fulfil his promise to hold open, public hearings into Sibel Edmonds’ case – hearings which will put Richard Perle, Doug Feith and others in prison, if not in a noose.

We have not yet received an answer of any kind from Waxman, but hope to get him on the record one way or other this week now that COngress is back in business after the Easter recess.

In the meantime, Phil Giraldi has written a new article about Waxman’s apparent reluctance to hold hearings into Sibel’s case. Details downstairs.

Shorter Giraldi: Waxman appears uninterested in investigating “credible” claims that Perle, Feith & Grossman are engaged in treason because he is beholden to AIPAC & Israel.
Former CIA officer Phil Giraldi has a new piece out in the April 23, 2007 print edition of the American Conservative about Sibel Edmonds and our call to have Henry Waxman hold hearings into her case.

Giraldi is an expert in Sibel’s case and features prominently in the new film about Sibel, Kill The Messenger.

I’ve electronically liberated the article in full at my place, here are some snips to avoid the copywrite issues:

…FBI whistle blower Sibel Edmonds and her numerous supporters both inside and outside of government have been urging Waxman to hold open hearings on her claims regarding malfeasance and corruption among high-level government officials.

Edmonds… has recently elaborated on her allegations, stating that investigations already carried out by the FBI would demonstrate that three former senior officials were involved in illegal weapons sales and other activities that would justify charges of espionage and possibly even treason against them. The three are leading Pentagon neoconservatives Douglas Feith and Richard Perle, as well as former State Department number three Marc Grossman. Edmonds is no crackpot and is considered to be a credible witness, most of whose charges were substantiated both by former FBI officials in 2002 and by the Department of Justice in 2005. Waxman appears to be uninterested in pursuing the matter, however,  possibly because Israeli officials and the country’s defense industry are believed to have been involved in the weapons diversion activity.

Congressman Waxman is regarded as close to Israel’s principal lobby, AIPAC, and even promised Jewish voters back in November 2006 that there would be no Democratic congressional committee chairmen involved with Middle Eastern policy who were not completely supportive of Israel.

As Giraldi says in Kill The Messenger:

All of these people (Perle, Feith) have been investigated by the FBI at one point or another for passing secret information to Israel.

In no cases were any of them convicted. The prosecutions were dropped… in my opinion because of political pressure not to get into this kind of case that involves ‘Israel’ and ‘Espionage’.

I’m not yet ready to write-off the possibility that Waxman will hold hearings into Sibel’s case. He has previously promised to do so, and we haven’t yet heard from his office that he won’t hold hearings.  Congress has been in recess for the past two weeks and we’ll be attempting to get him on the record one way or other this week. I’ve been told that a number of prominent-ish people tried to get Waxman to go on the record on Monday (yesterday) in response to Giraldi’s new article to no avail – but surely he can’t maintain that position, so in the meantime, no news is good news.

Oh – and for those of you who are saying ‘Huh? AIPAC? Israel? I thought Sibel’s case was about Turkey and the American Turkish Council (ATC)!’ Sibel says that both AIPAC and the ATC both essentially operate as fronts for the same criminal organization. Or as Giraldi put it in his earlier article about Sibel’s case:

On one level, (Sibel’s) story appears straightforward: several Turkish lobbying groups allegedly bribed congressmen to support policies favourable to Ankara. But beyond that, the Edmonds revelations become more serpentine and appear to involve AIPAC, Israel and a number of leading neoconservatives who have profited from the Turkish connection.

I’ll keep you updated, of course. Stay tuned, and thanks for your help & support, again.

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