Now why did I link to freerepublic.
Why, to illustrate there is no difference between the “left” and the “right” political paradigms.  Here a professor got fired.  Because he said something some people didn’t like. It is what it is, censorship.
Yes citizens, you don’t really have any rights anymore but we are going to add your right not to be offended.

Not long ago Cindy Sheehan was taken out of Congress on the night of Chimpy’s SOTU for wearing a T-shirt.  Now, election over and nary a peep out of Cindy.

I’ll call it manufactured theme month.  Imus.  The advancement of hate crimes.  Then a shooting at Virginia Tech and after that Alec Baldwin and his calls to his daughter.  i think it should be a new field of statistics.  What are the stats?  After five solid years of MSM total support for the Bush administration the memes endorsed by MSM shift far left for an extended period of “news” cycles.

Freedom, huh.  You don’t deserve to work though.
Lord, feel free to smite these people anytime you like.  I’ll get the horse ready.

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