We know there is a problem in the human food supply.  We do not know how big that problem is or how long we have had it.  We would not know about the problem if it were not for the suffering and death of beloved pets around this country.

So what do we do?  

One thing we can do is make sure we are COOL.  COOL refers to Country of Origin Labeling.  We need to know where the food comes from.

We need to know where the fruit, where the meat, where the fish, where the wheat gluten, rice gluten, and any other food substance comes from.

Sounds simple and logical right?  Not so.  Guess who delays it?  See below.
Here is the official response.


On May 13, 2002, President Bush signed into law the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002, more commonly known as the 2002 Farm Bill. One of its many initiatives requires country of origin labeling for beef, lamb, pork, fish, perishable agricultural commodities and peanuts. On January 27, 2004, President Bush signed Public Law 108-199 which delays the implementation of mandatory COOL for all covered commodities except wild and farm-raised fish and shellfish until September 30, 2006.  On November 10, 2005, President Bush signed Public Law 109-97, which delays the implementation for all covered commodities except wild and farm-raised and shellfish until September 30, 2008. As described in the legislation, program implementation is the responsibility of USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service.

Note the bold.  Emphasis mine, but look at it.  In 2005, on November 10th, President Bush decided that knowing where the food comes from is not such a big deal.  

Mr. President.  WRONG AGAIN!

Here is a site  that was against COOL.  Their message.  Let the Market Decide!

Much like other claims unrelated to food safety, country-of-origin claims should be determined in the marketplace and driven by consumers’ willingness to pay for perceived added or discounted value. Member organizations believe that a voluntary program that provides an economically achievable means for producers, processors, distributors, retailers, and other market participants to adopt a country-of-origin program tailored to their customer’s desires is a highly preferable course to burdensome federal mandates. The industry believes that consumers must be free to buy at prices that correspond to their purchasing power and not be forced to pay for claims for which they do not perceive value.

Since the labeling regime was originally mandated, policymakers have recognized their burdensome nature. The implementation deadline has been postponed by Congress twice and now is slated for September 30, 2008. The food industry believes this law should be repealed and made voluntary.

Despite our extensive concerns about mandatory country-of-origin labeling, we recognize that it is the law and that we must work diligently to comply. Countryoforiginlabel.org was developed to provide implementation assistance to affected entities.

Emphasis their’s.

Our campaign slogan was “People Before Profits” what is happening to the food supply is prime profits before people in an outlandish way.

Yes, we can grow our own foods, yes, we can buy at farmer’s markets, yes we can go vegetarian, but we can also go a long way toward knowing where the food comes from with some simple and common sense action.

Please consider going to Americans For Country of Origin Labeling and let your voice be heard.

When there are problems we have to solve them, and this is a start.

Tomorrow morning I am going to start lobbying Congress for COOL legislation for ALL of the human food supply.


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