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On last night’s Daily Show, I saw a clip of Hillary Clinton’s appearance on The Insider.

Hillary: Those are the greatest shoes!

Host: I got them on super sale at Sax.

Hillary: Boy do they look fabulous!

Hillary: I am the woman on more diets that don’t last. … Ration your chocolate so you don’t go overboard…

Omigod! I totally want to have a pajama party with her! We can talk about boys, and share secrets, and do each other’s hair…
In all fairness, I didn’t see the whole interview. Nor am I likely to, so I’ll just allow that it’s possible the interview also contained some non-gag-inducing moments. But from what I saw there, I’ve got to think this was part of an attempt on HRC’s part to connect with voters as “one of the girls”.

And maybe that was an effective way to connect with some women–but it sure doesn’t work for me. I haven’t worn high heels in almost a decade. I do not use the word diet, as I am trying to raise my daughter to see a balanced, sane view of eating and exercise as the norm–rather than expecting to forever be on diets.

Oh, and Hill–you know what would really help me connect with you as a woman?

You not acting like such a freaking hawk!

That’s something that matters to me as a woman…as a mother. One who is trying to help teach the next generation that there are better ways to solve problems than with violence and threats. And, as much as it would be nice to finally have a woman president, I’m willing to hold out a little longer until we can have one who shares those values.

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