Glenn Greenwald is a hugely important blogger. Today, he pulls the wool from our eyes re the Politico.  

I had subscribed to this worthless waste of electrons because I am a political junkie.  The really HARD-RIGHT slant was pretty clear, however, and the reluctance to criticize Republicans is and was obvious.

The Politico is owned and run by a very big Republican operative, Frederick Ryan.

Quoting from Greenwald and the Politico itself:
She [Nancy Reagan] was escorted out of the hall by Frederick J. Ryan Jr., chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Foundation, and president and CEO of The Politico.

Again, from Greenwald,

Appointment of Frederick J. Ryan, Jr., as Assistant to the President

November 4, 1987

The President today announced the appointment of Frederick J. Ryan, Jr., to be Assistant to the President.

Since February 1985 Mr. Ryan has been responsible for the White House Office of Private Sector Initiatives as well as serving as Director of Presidential Appointments and Scheduling. Mr. Ryan began serving at the White House in February 1982 as Deputy Director of Presidential Appointments and Scheduling. In February 1983 he was appointed Special Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Appointments and Scheduling. Mr. Ryan was previously an attorney with the Los Angeles law firm of Hill, Farrer and Burrill. While engaged in his practice, he published several articles on various aspects of the law.

The Politico is part of the right-wing-noise machine.

The Politico is not a neutral site.  It is the Faux News of blog sites.

The Politico is funded by a corporation run by the Riggs Bank, which is another corrupt right-wing site.

This certainly explains a lot.

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