America’s worst governor has now been discovered by NBC News “Senior investigative correspondent” Lisa Myers. Why this late? Probably because the corruption of Republican politicians only get interesting for the media nowadays when you have something saucy, like, say, photos of a drunk politician dressing up as a pseudo pirate and allegations by an FBI witness of bribes in the form of casino chips.

Here’s an exerpt of what Lisa Myers reported on the “Today Show” this morning:

The new governor of Nevada, Jim Gibbons, is being investigated by the FBI because of alleged gifts and payments from Warren Trepp, a defense contractor whose Nevada firm received tens of millions of dollars in federal contracts.

That’s the main allegation in a nutshell. Now for the juicy part.
According to software designer Dennis Montgomery, Trepp’s former business partner and a Republican, Gibbons accepted “close to $100,000” in casino chips and cash on a cruise ship.

Honestly, where to start? A Nevada politicians accepting bribes in form of casino chips? This wouldn’t even make for a Hollywood B-movie.

Of course, this is the same Jim Gibbons who claimed that there was a conspiracy between the Wall Street Journal and Democrats to bring him down and who’s scandals make up about half of his Wikipedia profile.

Anyhow, there is already talk about a recall of Gibbons. And we only have to wait about 7 more weeks because a recall can only be started six months after the governor takes office. In the meantime, you can sign an online petition here.

Hopefully, the Gibbons scandals will get enough attention for Lisa Myers and other DC journalists to learn how to correctly pronounce Nevada…

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Video and photos over at MSNBC.

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