Here is my endosement list for today’s elections in Philadelphia. I live in the 2nd District, so my vote on city council went to Damon Roberts. There is little chance that he can beat Anna Verna. It’s a huge ballot, which is causing delays. I was the 75th person to vote in my polling station at 10AM. There were only two people in front of me but it still took 15 minutes for me to get in the voting booth. Even with a pre-prepared list, it still took me about five minutes to punch everything in and make sure I covered everything. I strongly suggest bringing a list.

Supreme Court

C. Darnell Jones – D.
Debra M. Todd – D.

Superior Court

Christine L. Donohue – D.
Anne Lazurus – D.

Mayor- Michael Nutter – D.

Sheriff- Michael Untermeyer – D.

City Council

(Contested races only)


Caryn Hunt – D.
Matt Ruben – D.
Marc Steir – D. – (Button 81)
Andrew Toy – D. (Button 84)
Derek S. Green – D. (Button 86)

District 1- Vern Anastasio – D.
District 2- Damon Roberts- D.
District 4- Matthew McClure – D.
District 5- Haile Johnston – D.
District 7- Maria Quinones-Sanchez – D.
District 8- Irv Ackelsberg – D.
District 9- Marian B. Tasco – D.

Common Pleas Court

Ellen Green-Ceisler – D. (Button 26)
Beverly Muldrow – D. (Button 25)

Municipal Court

Joe Waters – D. (Button 35)
Joyce Eubanks – D. (Button 37)

Philadelphia Ballot Questions

No. 2 – Quit to run – NO
No. 3 – Youth advisory panel – NO
Nos. 4, 5, 6 – Planning and zoning reform – YES
No. 7 – Iraq troop deployment – NO
No. 8 – City bond issue – YES
No. 9 – Real estate valuation – NO

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