I’m told that Monica Goodling’s long awaited (and hopefully truthful) testimony regarding the US Attorney scandal before the House Judiciary Committee will be broadcast on C-Span 3 beginning at or about 10:15 am today. My guess it that it will start late, and it may take a while to learn anything pertinent (these are Congresspersons who love to primp for the cameras after all who will be her interrogators), but if you’re interested here’s The LINK to C-Span 3 where you can watch the follies.

Monica supposedly will have a lot to say on who at the White House or the Department of Justice prepared the “hit list” of US Attorneys to be fired, and why those names were put on that list, since no one else has yet to take responsibility for the dirty deed. And since she’s been given limited immunity for her testimony I suspect she’s the one who knows the answers to those questions.

Tips to the Honorable John Conyers. Make sure she doesn’t cross her fingers when she takes the oath. And don’t remind her of the consequences of perjury. Instead ask her if violating her oath will mean God will be angry with her. After all, I suspect its only a higher power than US law and our Constitution that she really cares about, so remind her of who’s watching over her to see if she’s been naughty or nice.

I won’t be available to live-blog her testimony at the hearing, but hopefully others in the community will pick up the slack until Booman arrives on the scene this morning.

So pull the popcorn out of the microwave, sit back and watch the fireworks!

Update [2007-5-23 10:26:27 by Steven D]: Link to Special C-Span web page containing links to DOJ and other documents and further resources related to the US Attorney scandal.

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