Like many who post here and in other related locales, I am deeply disturbed by the cretinous cave we are watching by the Dem leadership.  

However, I wonder what are the options at this time.

My analysis after the jump:
1) Resubmit the same bill.

Pro: Satisfy the base.  Fulfill their mandate from Nov 6.

Con: Look like petulant 12 year olds.  Get huge numbers of ads against them.

2) Fund 1-months worth of I/A.  

Pro: Same as for 1)

Con: Look even more petulant and silly.

3) Cave

Pro: Issue behind us.  Write ads about repukeliscum voting for permanent war.

Con: P-0 base.  Give repukeliscum an opportunity to crow.  

So, what are your views on the choices now?

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