This is another example of how MSM elevates the totally irrelevant.  It is an occupation of news bandwidth and an intentional degradation of American society in general.  Why should anybody take “the law” seriously.  While listening to this claptrap far more interesting news can be had.
New Hampshire rejects Real ID!  Excellent!   Bring on the Halleluja chorus!
The Immigration bill fails but this is only a small victory in a long war.  Note also that the immigration bill also had the added benefit of increasing the totalitarian state with a vast new agency complete with lucrative IT contracts to generate a no-work list.
That one puts it in true context.

God Bless Ed Brown!  After six full years of a completely criminal administration they seek to go after the little guy.  Yes Ed, there is no law that demands a tax on income.  I can only hope more Americans wake up and behave like Ed!
Get paid in Ameros by 2010, yet more evidence.
Is it really getting that bad?  Yes, I think so.

Now, wasn’t that far more informative than watching a balling socialite surrounded by thousands of morons?

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