And I admit it.
I wrote a diary a while back titled “Why I don’t read Booman as much as I used to” where I said that criticizing Kos made me not want to read this blog anymore. And although I was eviscerated for it at the time, I still thought I was right. But two things just happened.

  1. I posted a hit diary on Hillary, and was roundly, brutally criticized.
  2. I read On Ratings Abuse

So I guess I’m a bit too radical for the moderators on Kos. At this point in the progressive movement, I feel like we MUST be able to criticize the majority of Democrats, and that’s not where the Kos community is at. It makes me understand why other people on this blog are so bitter. It’s just so fucking unfair.

To be honest, I’ll still read DK, and I’ll post every now and then, but it’s just not gonna be the same. The innocence is gone…

You guys were right.  

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