It appears that Mr. Bush is at it again. You have to love this guy; he is always looking for ways to expand the empire. Hannibal and Napoleon have nothing on this guy. It appears the new target of American imperialism is Kosovo, formerly a part of Yugoslavia. In another case of it isn’t what it looks like, Mr. Bush wants to “liberate” Kosovo. Again, on the surface appears like an admirable goal, everyone should be liberated. Just ask the Iraqis. But could there be more than meets the eye?
Bush is pressing for “independence” for Kosovo, and the word needs to be in inverted commas as the Kosovo the US has in mind will be no more “independent” than Iraq or Afghanistan – though not out of concern for Kosovan Albanians, or a passionate belief in self-determination. Contrast Washington’s stance on Kosovo with its position on the pro-Russian breakaway provinces in Georgia and Moldova, whose claims for statehood they regularly dismiss. Rather, Bush is acting because this is the final stage in what has been called the west’s “strategic concept” – the destruction of the genuinely independent and militarily strong state of Yugoslavia and its replacement with a series of weak and divided World Bank-Nato protectorates.
Even more important, it has enabled the construction of Camp Bondsteel, the US’s biggest “from scratch” military base since the Vietnam war, which jealously guards the route of the trans-Balkan Ambo pipeline, and guarantees western control of Caspian Sea oil supplies. The camp, which includes a detention facility used to house those detained during Nato operations in Kosovo, was described by Alvaro Gil-Robles, the human rights envoy of the Council of Europe, as a “smaller version of Guantánamo” following a visit in November 2005. To guarantee US hegemony in the region, it is essential that Kosovo is severed permanently from Serbia – a country which, with its strong historical links to Russia, is never likely to be as obedient a servant as the empire demands.

    These people leave no stone unturned; they can squeeze blood from a turnip. On the one hand they tell Putin that he has nothing to worry about with the new missile defense system and at the same time they are surrounding Russia with bases. Not only with bases, but with client states to thwart any unification ideas anyone may have. So while Bush is talking about how Russia is slipping back into old habits, it appears so have we. Is this another opportunity to project American imperialism as part of the overall neo-con world view? I think this is one of the final opportunities for Mr. Bush to enact changes to the geo-political landscape with little or no resistance from the American public. With the war in Iraq grabbing most of the headlines who is going to notice new bases going up in Eastern Europe? It appears this is more of the sleight of hand politics of the corporate elite to impose their bidding on more unassuming consumers. You have to love this country.

    If we continue carving up the world in the neo-con mold, we will continue to draw the wrath of other nations who question our motives and our designs. There was a time when “liberation” was a good term and no one questioned its application, but thanks to these guys liberation will never be viewed the same way again. Many groups will resist our efforts to help liberate them and it will take years to overcome the damage done by this group of imperialist clowns.

    Should Kosovo be liberated? To be honest, I don’t know enough about the situation to say for sure. What I do know is that when these guys talk liberation, it is rarely in the best interest of the country or its citizens. History has taught that it is only when it is in the best interest of the corporate bosses that liberation is mentioned. There are and have been so many countries that have looked to us for support and because they did not provide any strategic or economic value we turned our backs on them. If liberation is our goal, then let’s apply it liberally and to all who want to partake. Haven’t we had enough of using liberty in the name of corporate profits? Haven’t we had enough of shedding innocent blood; not to water the tree of liberty, but to fill the pockets of the wealthy?

Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence. – Henri Frederic Amiel

The Disputed Truth

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