I’m not a talk radio kind of a guy. I used to listen to Mike & the Mad Dog when I was painting houses or driving in my car. They’re New York sports radio guys. I listened to Imus in the Morning a little bit back when I commuted to work. And I listened to the Sean Hannity Show during the 2000 recount, just to see what the other side was doing. But that is about the extent of it. I tried listening to Air America and I just hated it. So, I don’t really care about talk radio. And I’ve never heard this Michael Smerconish clown, even though he is based in Philadelphia. I’ve never heard Ed Shultz either. I know Larry Johnson thinks Schultz is a jerk and won’t do his show.

Smerconish has Schultz on as a guest today. He’s filling in on MSNBC for Tucker Carlson. So, we have two syndicated talk radio clowns doing talking head teevee. And Smerconish is trying to tell Schultz that the corporations would put a communist on the radio if he got good ratings. Schultz points out that he beats Hannity in Denver, Seattle, San Diego, and other cities, but he doesn’t get picked up by any Infinity or ABC affiliaties. Basically, Schultz is living proof that left-wing opinion is not valued the same as right-wing opinion. People could make more money airing Schultz than Hannity, but they don’t do it. Smerconish insists this is rubbish. Schultz says he is offending him. Whatever. More idiocy on the television.

The reason corporations are willing to lose money by airing Hannity over Schultz is because they figure the real money isn’t in some crummy three-hour syndicated radio program. The real money is in having Republicans in power. It is not that complicated.

That is why people should support bloggers.