It’s put up or shut up time, folks. This latest Libby liberty is the end of the road for CheneyBush. Or at least it COULD be.

It is tipping point time. The people are as ready as they have ever been. As ready as they were in the weeks before Watergate.

The first major Dem publicly and forcefully call for impeachment…OR Ratpub, for that matter, although that is even more unlikely to occur than hearing it from a Dem…would win the next Presidential election.

As in “leader”.

The American people are ready to be led. Bet on it.

Who will step up?


Bet on this as well.

I will lay anyone ten to one odds that not a PEEP of any consequence escapes the truth traps of any mainstream, big time Dem pol.

Not Hillary, not Obama, not Gore, not Edwards.

And I would gladly pay up if I am wrong.

Does Bloomberg want it?

One paragraph would win it for him.

It is time to impeach the members of this administration. They have repeatedly violated both moral AND legal standards, and they are too dangerous to be allowed to stay in office.

Right now.



How can these people even EAT THEIR BREAKFASTS today?

It is beyond me.

If we do not cripple CheneyBush now…and impeachment proceedings would indeed either cripple them or at least force them to take their masks totally off, at which point the sleeple would at least (At last!!!) clearly see what it is with which they have been sleeping…if we do not cripple them now they will continue to run their barefaced new reality game on ever higher levels, and this country will be done by 2008.


If indeed it is not over already.

Every time we let them successfully run this game they gain confidence that their take on the population of the US is right on the money. That we are so stupid and so bought-off weak that we will roll over and willingly offer any orfice that they wish to violate without so much as an effective squeak of complaint.

A little whimper of “OOooo!!! That hurts a bit!!!”: and then back to munching canned popcorn and watching freeze-dried news.




Have we not one leader with the foresight to see what is up here?

Not ONE!!!???

Then we are lost.

Ulster on the Euphrates?

Soon enough…

Baghdad/Ulster coming to YOUR neighborhood if this does not stop.


Soon enough.


NOW is the time!!!