CNN just can’t help itself. Another hysterical whiner, masquerading as a journalist, went out west to show the horrible power of the petrol/propane gas tank bomb. He mistakes normal range safety procedures as “evidence” of the terrible lethality of this concoction. He perpetuates the horseshit factor by talking about the shrapnel produced by this device. Watch for yourself:

So, what do we really see? The experts on the range comment that the London guys were a bunch of inept amateurs who did not know what the hell they were doing. Gee, sounds like something I pointed out in the beginning. Next, look at the car. The explosion was not the kind of devastating blast we see directed at our forces in Iraq, for example. The windows of the vehicle are blown out and the rear hatch back is blown off by the force of the blast. But the SUV is basically intact–charred–but intact. The damage is localized, not widespread. True, an adjacent wood shack catches fire, but the last time I checked downtown London is not filled with wood shacks. Hopefully you also noted that the blast did not level the flimsy shack; it was torched.

Now, take a look at what happens to a car when a bomb made of high explosives goes off:

Vaporized. And you can see the shrapnel produced by the shredded vehicle bouncing around. Any questions? Compare what happened to the car with high explosives and the vehicle with just propane and gas. High explosives equals bad. Propane and gas–you do not want to be in the car or standing next to it, but it is not going to do the damage that TATP or SEMTEX can do. Too bad the CNN reporter was so obsessed with the cheap thrill and too ignorant to even understand what he was seeing and not put it in proper context. He had the chance to educate folks. Instead, he opted to frighten them and indirectly help promote terrorist propaganda.

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