hey there all–

For those who don’t know, some of the folks at ePM have helped me (and some others from Big Orange) set up a Blog Talk Radio site under “ep radio”.

This is one of the formats (we have 2 weekly shows and 2 others that are more “interview based” that aren’t as regular).

Tonight (even though most are done on Wednesdays) we are proud to have another edition of “Don’t Hijack My Thread!”, which is a 60 minute live interactive talk radio show put on by yours truly and thereisnospoon which focuses on the week’s hot topics in progressive politics.
For those who are around tonight, we are back on the air (I was on vacation last week) live for a “post Libby” Don’t Hijack My Thread!  The time, as always, is 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific.

The link for tonight’s show is: here.

The link to the past few shows is here

There is a call in number (718-508-9410) and it is live.  You can also hear them here and tonight brings another batch of topics for your listening and discussion pleasure.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not hesitate to call in.  While the show goes well even without callers, it is even better with caller participation.  There is also a live chatbox at the Political Nexus site that will be used during the show.  If you don’t want to call in, and you are listening, please drop us a note in the chatbox so we can see how we are doing!!!

Info about calling in can be found here.


Tonight’s topics are as follows:

    * Libby’s “non-pardon” and the rule of law
    * Democrats’ Q2 fundraising numbers
    * Moving past fear
    * Fred Thompson and his connection to Nixon and Watergate
    * The ever increasing and powerful “independent voter”
    * Why do the republicans love Rudy?

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