I never paid much attention to Senator Vitter before the recent revelation that he likes to visit prostitutes and wear diapers or whatever. Even after the scandal broke on Monday I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. So, a Republican politician is a hypocrite, what else is new? But, apparently, it is a much bigger deal than I anticipated. Louisiana Republicans are already trying to come up with a replacement candidate that will be acceptable to Governor Blanco.

BATON ROUGE — Some top Louisiana Republicans are discussing whether to ask U.S. Sen. David Vitter to resign and packaging a deal with Democratic Gov. Kathleen Blanco to appoint a place-holding Republican to take his spot.

I liked this part:

Gubernatorial candidate and Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell, of Bossier Parish, said he’s uncertain about the impact on the gubernatorial race.

Vitter “was going to be their point guy, but he can’t be out there preaching now,” Campbell said.

“That’s the problem with these self-righteous politicians. When they start acting like preachers, they are treading on real dangerous grounds,” Campbell said.

“The voters don’t like hypocrisy. They really don’t like hypocrites. People like candidates who tell you the truth.”

Blanco will be free to appoint anyone she likes to replace Vitter, but he may try to make his resignation conditional on her selecting a Republican replacement. Blanco should tell them to pound sand.

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