I’ve been accused of being a troll for not bowing down to the overrriding principle of electing Democrats, no matter what.

Ok, I’ve checked out the FAQ, and while I am no troll and I resent that vile and vicious insult, I can see that I do not fit in at Booman Tribune, because it, like Daily Kos, chooses to fetishize electing Democrats above all other moral and poltical concerns.

So be it.  Such a site is not only a site where I do not want to post, but I consider it a treasonous site, and enemy to the people and the constitution.   John Adams pointed out, I believe, that partisan politics would destroy this country and so it is doing, in front of our very eyes.

You, Booman, like Daily Kos, are, in my opinion, wittingly or unwittingly traitors.  I ask you both to rewrite your Faqs, to make it clear that while your emphasis is exclusively on electing Democrats, above all other concerns.

But do as you will.  It’s your site.  I have my own site.  I’ll do my own thing there.

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