I know that American politicians, like their Iraqi counterparts, want to take a month-long vacation this August. I don’t have a problem with Congress taking a month off in August. It’s important that our representatives spend at least part of the year back home in their districts talking to their constituents. August is as good a time to do that as any. But I advise Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to keep at least part of their respective houses working throughout the month.

In the House, the judiciary committee should establish an inquiry into the impeachment of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. They should work throughout August and compel witnesses and testimony, as well as bring scholars and attorneys forth to explain the urgency of replacing Gonzales.

In the Senate, Harry Reid should not, at any point, formally recess. If he does, even for an hour, Bush will push through a plethora of recess appointments. Reid should adjourn the Senate and call back the Senate at several points during the month to remain in compliance with Senate rules.

This will infuriate members of both parties but it would be totally irresponsible to give up the leverage we have to withhold confirmations until the administration complies with outstanding subpoenas.

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