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I watched the YouTube debate on CNN and gave it some thought before I commented on it. First off, I am tired of Gravel, Dodd and Biden. I am almost tired of Bill Richardson, every question he answers, he delivers with such a jittery quality, it doesn’t inspire confidence. Hell, Gonzales isn’t that nervous when he appears before Congress (note I didn’t say testify).

Although I don’t think Kucinich has a chance to win, odder things have happened. I think Dennis needs to stay for no other reason than to lob common sense into the debates. They, so far, are in need of that.

Hillary I think did well, but I am still not feeling it. Her remarks to Obama about being naive about diplomacy was off the mark and petty.

Obama did very well and had an aura of confidence and intelligence that we haven’t seen in the White House since, oh, you know when. His response to the diplomacy question was right on target. To paraphrase, “Get in there and get it done. We are not so afraid as to not talk to dictators.”

Which brings me to Edwards. He had two powerful moments. One was the hair video – it was a genius piece. Do we want to discuss his hair or the  utter democratic wasteland known as the United States? The other moment was his rant about the gentleman with the cleft palate.

After his rant, he said, asked really, the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION OF THE NIGHT!


Indeed. Why in the world does someone with a cleft palate need to wait fifty years for corrective surgery? The GOPers claim you need to wait weeks to see a specialist in Canada (which is the same as it is here). But FIFTY FUCKING YEARS? Isn’t that kinda wait time a bit on the long side?

I think a lot of us need to start bellowing that question. “Why?”

Now if we can just get Edwards to get real on the Gay rights issue, I think his ratings would improve.

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