My grandfather fairly often used a saying in which he likened the struggle for equal rights among Negros in America to the behavior of crabs in a bucket. He used to say, “so as soon as one of them crabs has pushed himself up near the rim where he’d have a chance of getting out the bucket, another ol’ crab reaches up and pulls him back down!” All of us anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-Republican, progressive, and post-new deal Democrats, after the 100 amazing Democrat Driven Congressional days, find ourselves in the same ol’ bucket so the turmoil resumes. In this case the turmoil took place outside Representative John Conyers’ office. Mo’ crabs in a bucket. Conyers said take the bucket away.
Meanwhile (as they say in the movies…)back at the ranch….
The Wall Street Journal reports that the president’s new fleet of Helicopters is expected to cost $270 million EACH. That’s more than the government spends on the 747s that fly the president around the world. The White House says that it needs 23 of these helicopters, whose primary job is to ferry the president to Andrews Air Force Base – 11 minutes from the White House. Simple math show that 23 X $270,000,000 equals $6.1 billion.
So while all us crabs are mucking around in the bucket, Bush will be playing eeeney- mineee- moee with his brand new choppers as he decides which one he will use to fly him either to or from Andrews Air Force base. $6.1 billion for this special Commander-in-chief’s transportation, keeping in mind that Andrews Air Force base is just 11 minutes away from the White House by any Washington DC taxi. I wonder if the crabs in the bucket can spell obscene?

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