I’ve heard enough from Hillary, Barack and John… Now I want to hear more Dennis. It’s time for the politicians-only candidates (Dodd, Biden) to drop out. Time for the VP seekers (Richardson) to drop out. Time for the doesn’t-stand-a-chance-in-hell candidate (Gravel) to drop out.

I’ve heard so much from the top three… but never anything really straight. They can talk around a subject like no one’s business. Sure, we could have a first time black or woman President. I’m in favor of a first time, non-photogenic, short and ugly but honest and direct President.

Just by the way he is treated by the media… a minimum of time for questions, none of the press focus, Kucinich IS the minority candidate who should get some more attention.

In the ABC debate with George Stefanopoulis this morning, Kucinich got very little time (which he pointed out to George in the “faith” question – that he was “praying” for George to ask him a question.) When he did talk… about education and about  immediate changes in government, he didn’t tapdance or politician-ize his responses, but had a Trumanesque straightforwardness that one can only admire.

I understand he is going to have a whole show on Big Ed Schultz’s radio program in September. I’ll be waiting to hear it and to call in with my questions. I’m really looking forward to Dennis’ answers.

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