I can’t even enjoy my first coffee in the morning anymore without being subject to the Satanic memes of mainstream American “media”.  “Bush plans to announce 30,000 troop withdrawal from Iraq”, yeah, plans to announce, and withdraw when.  Note the Orwellian doublespeak here, the planting in the minds of simpletons still half awake that there is some slight glimmer of hope.
After that “announcement” appeared I had a followup discussion with my son about marketing techniques and memes, he is a senior in high school.

My problem is that things have been so f**$ed up for so f#&%ing long that it has become institutionalized into every area of life.  United Health Care, one of the largest health insurance providers regularly scams people by denying benenfits causing the “insured” people to then fight back.  The company was sued under the RICO status several years ago but United with boatloads of money for legal fees has it buried in the courts for years.  And that is only one example of such widespread governmental non-functioning hubris which has spread from the federal all the way down to state and local governments.

My thought of the day is that some major disaster might well be the thing to wish for to bring relief from the torturous bullshit marketing points of TV.

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