OK all you pundits-in-training, I have some good news for you.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a diary titled “Thank you in advance for reading this”, which talked about all of the things that me, thereisnospoon, theKK, hekebolos and dday are doing over at Political Nexus, our internet radio site. Since then, we have been real busy (also contributing to the lack of diaries by thereisnospoon and I over this time) with our site, and a few other nuggets of “progressive goodness”.

I’ll talk about the Blog Talk Radio shows we did over the past few weeks at Political Nexus below, but before I do, I want to bring some real good news to the attention of the community. First, a bit of background – Blog Talk Radio was started last year and they just went through a major upgrade to their site. Over the past year, they have made a big push into the political arena, and, sad to say, the right has been more successful at getting a framework together over at Blog Talk Radio.

In response to a couple of posts I wrote about building a progressive infrastructure as well as the six different show formats we are doing, I was contacted and had a few discussions with the “powers that be” at Blog Talk Radio, including Ed Morrisey of Captain’s Quarters, who is the overall political director and runs the Blog Talk Radio’s conservative site, Heading Right. Other than his conservative credentials, I’ll point out that Ed happens to be a real nice guy, and I’ll get into why this is a very good thing in a minute.

To make a long story short, I (and I have recruited the rest of the Political Nexus crew) was asked to be Ed’s counterpart and revamp/restart the Heading Left web site, which is the “aggregator” site for the Blog Talk Radio’s roster of progressive/liberal talk radio shows. While I am working on this and we hope to relaunch it over the next couple of weeks, you can check it out and leave us any comments.

What we hope to do here, in addition to promoting our regular shows, is to promote the other progressive radio shows that are offered on Blog Talk Radio, as well as feature user submitted shows (both audio and video – original and stuff found online that is also worthy). Another feature that we hope to build out is a full roster of local and regional progressive radio shows, and we know that some are already being done on a relatively regular basis (including Blue Jersey radio’s weekly show.

Another interesting feature of Blog Talk Radio that we are excited about is the Debate Central, which will allow progressives and conservatives to debate live, most likely being moderated by Ed or me. This is one of the things that I think can be great – we debate each other here all the time and here is an opportunity to debate those of us who we disagree with most vehemently and kick some conservative/wingnut butt with it being recorded. You will see some information related to this in the top right corner of the Heading Left site.

What I really want to do is to find and promote the best progressive voices, and I encourage anyone who is even remotely interested to head on over to Blog Talk Radio and set up an account. And if you have any leads – work on a campaign, know someone that has something interesting to say in the progressive arena, please let us know. We are always looking for more interviews and more progressive voices to promote.

Speaking of which, if you head on over to our Political Nexus site, or to our our “On Topic” page at Blog Talk Radio, you can hear our two most recent interviews – one with nyceve about the mess that is healthcare in the United States and one with One Pissed Off Liberal about Iraq Moratorium Day, the Iraq war and the use of aggression by the United States. Both are ”must hear’s”, as will the many more that we have scheduled.

So please check out Heading Left (even as we are tweaking it – we know there are some bugs that we need to work out, and if you are good with HTML, please let me know…), and set it as one of your bookmarks. We want to make this as collaborative and interactive as possible. And no, we did not forget about a new, improved and revamped Political Nexus site either – we are still working on that too.


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