Last week, Hillary Clinton presented her health care plan; Everyone is required to buy health insurance. If you can’t afford it, you get a tax cut.

This is brilliant, but it could do so much more. I expect her next plan will address the homeless problem. Under her plan, everyone will be required to buy or rent a home. When everyone acquires a place to live, the problem is solved. Naturally, if you fall below a certain standard of income, (which will steadily increase) you will get a tax cut. And no worries about the rising cost of housing either, with all the efficiencies that will automatically appear, costs will rise more slowly.

Oh boy! Just think of all the necessities of life I can now buy with all my tax cuts. I can buy health insurance, housing, food, and maybe even afford the copays so that I can use my great health insurance plan. With all those cuts, I’ll bet that my tax cuts will be higher than my income.

And choices, we get choices. You can choose a cheap worthless plan (substandard housing), an expensive decent plan (average home), or try to figure out which mid-priced plan will exactly cover the tests you will need next year (roof don’t leak if the rain isn’t too hard).

No more need for any of those inefficient government programs. Just add another tax cut, and problem solved. It puts “the consumer in the driver’s seat”, as long as they use the government-approved list of private contractors. The government-approved list will guarantee a level of quality (or maybe a level of campaign contributions, I keep getting those confused). Note, that the system will require a new improved bureaucracy to certify private contractors, but it will be “fiscally responsible”, no civil service, or labor unions, or anything like that. And she’s still working out the details of how tax cuts can be used to finance the Iraq occupation. But the basic premise is that “it’s going to take shared responsibility. Everyone with a stake in our health care system will have to step forward and do their part.”

This is the part where her honesty slips through. Corporations don’t have a stake in our health care system, or our country. They don’t eat, breath, or get sick. But if they did, they would deduct it from their taxes as an expense. In other words, don’t treat corporations like people, treat people like corporations.

One more thing, Hillary. The only people that like the health plan they now have, HAVEN’T USED IT YET.

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