The simple answer: because the military cannot be trusted to serve me and my family.

It’s not just because the top general is willing to commit more of his soldiers for blatant IED fodder, the commonplace and accepted fact of life for today’s grunt.

Nor is it just due to serving a commander in chief who is untethered to reality, one with his past, present and most tellingly, his future, vacant of remorse, honesty and any sense of human decency. The evidence? He is already planning for a future of well-reimbursed mouthing opportunties offering inanity after inanity, good ol’ brush cutting when boredom strikes and some sort of a fantastic freedom institute bound by mortar infused with the marrow and blood of hundreds of thousands of maimed and murdered.
My membership would be no more than a selling of the soul to become an acolyte in a full-fledged jingoistic fabrication serving the fantasies of those in position to handsomely profit off bloodshed and destruction — the untouchables.

Also, my willingness to do the dirty work as an economic foot soldier for a financial system that has completely lost perspective, one based on rewarding unchecked greed and voracious shareholder return regardless of human detriment and environmental ruin — elements that in no way service mankind, would be morally unjustifiable.

Yes, it’s a myriad of reasons but my decision is primarily because if anything happened to me while in service, the fear — nay the reality — is my employer would do its damndest not only to toss aside myself, but more importantly, my family.

Upon injury, you become a never-ending debit card, an anchor necessitating a financial based cutting and running. You’re plugged into an equation where replacing the bloodied and the fallen is invariably a mathematical measurement, minus any sense of reciprocal duty and honor. There is no bond, no heart, nothing of the such is allowed to become part and parcel of the calculation. You’re a liability in need of disposal.

I’ll fight against those who intend to harm me and my kin. I’ll defend those who cannot do so for themselves

But I won’t do it as part of a cog in a numbing machine that will spit me out into some garbage pile, with a value actually less than those intent on harming innocents.

It’s another essay, another time but I also won’t fight in service of any entity, be it a country or economic system, so giddily willing to service my economic downfall by selling my livelihood to the lowest bidder in a globalistic game titled “who is most desperate?”

The following spurred my diatribe:

    Many soldiers get boot for ‘pre-existing’ mental illness
    Philip Dine
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    WASHINGTON — Thousands of U.S. soldiers in Iraq — as many as 10 a day — are being discharged by the military for mental health reasons. But the Pentagon isn’t blaming the war. It says the soldiers had “pre-existing” conditions that disqualify them for treatment by the government.

    Many soldiers and Marines being discharged on this basis actually suffer from combat-related problems, experts say. But by classifying them as having a condition unrelated to the war, the Defense Department is able to quickly get rid of troops having trouble doing their work while also saving the expense of caring for them.

    The result appears to be that many actually suffering from combat-related problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injuries don’t get the help they need.

    Working behind the scenes, Sens. Christopher “Kit” Bond, R-Mo., and Barack Obama, D-Ill., have written and inserted into the defense authorization bill a provision that would make it harder for the Pentagon to discharge thousands of troops. The Post-Dispatch has learned that the measure has been accepted into the Senate defense bill and will probably become part of the Senate-House bill to be voted on this week.

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