Welcome back.

This week we’ll be starting an entirely new project.  Last week marked the completion of the Grand Canyon painting that has been our subject for several weeks.  This new cycle will also be a Grand Canyon scene, the photo seen directly below.

For this painting, I will be moving up to a larger 8×10 inch size.  (Our last piece was 5×7.)  As usual, I will be using acrylics.

I was attracted to this photo because of the interesting pattern of shadows created by the various buttes.

The first strokes are all important for placing the major elements of the scene on the canvas.  I had actually started this piece in blue paint on another canvas.  Those blue strokes were poorly proportioned and I painted right over them in fresh red purely for the reason of making my change easily seen.  However, those red strokes were not right either.  I grabbed another canvas, continuing in the red that I was already using.  The result, better taking into account the shape of the canvas and now better proportioned, is seen in the photo directly below.

Next week, I’ll have some of the elements filled in.  That’s about it for now, see you next week.

As always, feel free to post photos of your own work.

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