It’s the like the Beltway cocktail frankfurter set chased the prom king and queen out of town only to have them return, more powerful than ever. And the Village knows that they can’t take back all those horrible things they said. They can never make things right.

Margaret Carlson:

Columnist Mark Shields jokes about the prospect of Bill Clinton hanging around the West Wing all day with nothing to do. The more disturbing thought is his hanging around with something TO DO, an actual “two for the price of one” in the Oval Office. The person a pillow away doesn’t need any actual designation of power when he’s already held the exact same job.

Shouldn’t We Talk?

A wife succeeding a husband in the White House is a first- in-a-lifetime possibility in America. Shouldn’t we at least talk about it?

David Broder:

The former president’s intervention — volunteered during a campaign appearance on her behalf in South Carolina — raised the second, and largely unspoken, issue identified by my friend from the Clinton administration: the two-headed campaign and the prospect of a dual presidency.

In his view, which I share, this is a prospect that will test the tolerance of the American people far more severely than the possibility of the first female president — or, for that matter, the first black president.

Carlson used to go to bed with Senator Fred Thompson…when he was swinging that way. Broder seems to be in bed with Republicans all the time. They are terrified of the Clenis. What if the Clenis has its revenge?

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