Seeing as it’s that time of year (yes, I know I can’t believe it either) and since I’m doing the baking amongst packed and semi-unpacked boxes.  I have areas where there seems no rhyme or reason to have boxes labeled “bedroom” in the office and it seems someone thinks I really must work in our bedroom (there are a number of boxes labeled “office” in the bedroom).  I thought I’d share with everyone here.
My name is Sherri and my husband is Barry Welsh, Indiana’s 6th  District Democratic Congressional Candidate.  Some know me as Congressional Candidates Wife. I’m looking to change my moniker to Congressmans Wife in 2008.

Recently, our Finance Director thought it would be fun to have me write a personal letter to people on the occasion of Barry’s birthday agreeing to send Barry’s favorite cookie recipe (Double Chocolate Drop cookies) in exchange for making a donation to his campaign by his birth date (December 10th) (The secrets out on Barry’s birthday now!).  I thought about it and I was thinking “GREAT, everyone could use another reason to eat cookie dough for the greater good”.  What a great way to celebrate Barry’s 49th birthday. I can share my recipe with everyone and provide an avenue of support for Barry’s campaign while sharing the celebration of his birthday.

So, here is the letter I wrote, please go to Barry’s website or the ActBlue page and make a donation.  I promise to send everyone that makes a donation of at least $12.10(12/10 is Barry’s Birthday) to Barry’s campaign a copy of my recipe. Please be sure to include your email with your contact info.  Here is the letter that is going out nationally tomorrow.

I am writing to let you in on a secret: Barry Welsh (my husband) will be turning 49 years young on December 10th. I’ve always been proud of Barry and his hard-working dedication to helping all those in need. I want him to take that dedication to Congress as Indiana’s 6th District Representative.  So, I’m organizing a special occasion for him that includes you!
Since Barry and I have been married, he has always liked my baking, especially my cookie recipes. I’d like to ask you to help us celebrate his birthday by contributing $12.10 to his campaign. If we could all come together with this small amount, it could add up to making a big difference to the campaign.
Click here to contribute
In exchange for your participation, every person that contributes $12.10 by Barry’s birthday will receive my recipe for Double Chocolate Drop cookies. This is Barry’s favorite cookie recipe, and the family loves it when I bake them at this time of year.
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Here is Barry’s website for more information.

Let’s give Barry a birthday he will remember! And let’s send someone to Congress that will work to put our country back on the right track, help send my husband Barry Welsh, you will be glad you did!

Sherri Welsh

I’m sure you will enjoy the recipe as much as Barry does.  

PS – I’m thinking of field-testing my grandmothers Depression era Chocolate cake.  It’s an old family chocolate cake recipe made with cherries, shaved chocolate and chocolate glaze.  YES, I know it’s very chocolaty but tastes incredible, I’ll let you know how the field-testing goes.

My diary is not vetted through the campaign; it’s my own view from the inside out of a congressional campaign.

Thank you for taking the time to read my diary and all comments are welcome.


Sherri Welsh
Congressional Candidates Wife