One of the small joys of being a Kucinich supporter is that we know where Dennis stands on most issues, and we know that, as a scrapper, he will do is utmost to see that those issues are supported/defeated as they need to be.  It’s a strong point, knowing that your candidate doesn’t turn at the slightest change of the political wind.

Now you, too, can see what Dennis supports by going to his Issues PDF Library!

Where would you like to start?  How about Dennis on Affirmative Action?

Affirmative action is necessary, affirmative action is right, and affirmative action must be preserved. I supported the Supreme Court’s decision allowing colleges and universities to use race and ethnicity as an admission factor. In Congress, I joined with 110 representatives to file a friend of the court brief in defense of the University of Michigan’s affirmative action policies. And I continue the fight for diversity and civil rights. Until America is truly a level playing field, affirmative action will be essential to achieving those  goals.

How about Dennis on the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty?

Our security will be enhanced by working with other nations and the UN instead of acting like an Empire, unilaterally undermining international agreements such as the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. The ABM treaty first entered into force October 3, 1972, between the U.S. and former USSR to constrain the Parties from deploying territorywide defenses against strategic ballistic missiles.

How about Kucinich on Civil Liberties?

The “Patriot Act” is not what American patriots have fought and died for. To allow our Bill of Rights to be nullified without judicial supervision invites tyranny. The Attorney General has been handed unfettered power to wiretap, search, jail, and invade our most
sacred right to privacy. The government must not be allowed, without probable cause or warrant, to snoop on our communications, medical records, library records, and student records.

How about Dennis on Crime?

Our nation’s police should be fully capable of protecting neighborhoods from crime and drugs, while respecting the rights of residents and communities. The U.S. government must spend the necessary money to ensure that our first defenders are our best defenders. I support strengthening civilian review boards, greater community policing, and an end to the drug war that has poisoned relations between cops and neighborhoods in too many cities. I also support legislation introduced by my colleague Rep. John Conyers to deny federal funds to police departments that continue to practice racial profiling.

What is his position on Depleted Uranium?

The United States must order an end to illegal use of depleted uranium munitions and lead an international effort to recover depleted uranium. We must promote environmental remediation. Also, we must develop a program to provide care and restitution for people suffering as a result of the United States’ use of depleted uranium munitions, nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons production, nuclear testing, and uranium mining.

What does he think about Forests and Logging on Public Lands?

Our society has shown a fundamental disregard for the ecosystems that provide life on this planet. The United States was originally blanketed with a billion acres of forest. Now only 40 million acres remain uncut. Forests provide clean water and clean air. They regulate climate and provide soil stability and wildlife habitat, including habitat for fish and for the pollinators of food crops. Many modern medicines are derived from the forest. Our very survival as a species depends upon intact forests, yet we have destroyed 96% of our original forests.

Just in case we didn’t know, what does Dennis think about LGBTQ Rights?

I believe that equality of opportunity should be afforded to all Americans regardless ofrace, color, creed, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. For that reason I support the right of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons to have the full protections and rights afforded under civil law including the right to marry the person of their choice.

How about National Security?

The current administration’s national security doctrine, with its reliance on preventive war as a standard instrument of policy, is making the world more dangerous. We must reject this approach, and develop and communicate to the American people our own vision of national security. National security policy must contribute to broader foreign policy objectives, and complement our domestic priorities.

What about Dennis on Sweat Shops?

It is time this country makes a priority of ending sweat shop conditions at home and abroad. Working people in our country deserve a leader who will expose the fact that so many products purchased in our country are made in sweat shops — and a leader who feels that walking a picket line is more important than walking a golf course. The U.S. should institute a policy that any company that receives federal aid or assistance must observe “Sweat Free” procurement laws.

What does Dennis think about Water as a Human Right

Ten Principles

  1. All water shall be considered to be forever in the public domain.
  2. It shall be the duty of each nation to provide accessible, affordable drinking water to its peoples.
  3. There shall be public ownership of drinking water systems, subject to municipal control.
  4. Wealthy nations shall provide poor nations with the means to obtain water for survival.
  5. Water shall be protected from commoditization and exempted from all trade agreements.
  6. Water privatization shall not be a condition of debt restructuring, loan renewal or loan forgiveness.
  7. Governments shall use their powers to prevent private aggregation of water rights.
  8. Water shall be conserved through sustainable agriculture and encouraging plant-based diets.
  9. Water resources shall be protected from pollution.
  10. Our children should be educated about the essential nature of water for maintaining life.

As you can see, Dennis covers many issues.  If you want to see the whole list, and perhaps even read some of his positions, you can click here!

If you wish to support Dennis, you may do so at his site online or via US Mail.  You may also donate through my ActBlue page for Dennis!

As always, now more than ever,

Go Dennis!
Choose Peace!

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