Gold prices are set to break the $1,000 per ounce barrier this year according to industry analysts.

Crude oil prices are still hovering around $90 a barrel.

Raw materials prices for manufacturers are surging.

Inflation last year rose at the highest rate since 1990.

The American financial industry just suffered its worst earnings quarter since the Great Depression.

The US trade deficit continues to widen.

Home foreclosures are expected to increase dramatically in 2008 to approximately 1.5 million homes nationally after skyrocketing in 2007 to almost 1 million homes.

US housing starts plunged 24.8% last year, the second biggest drop ever.

The official Bureau of Labor Standards unemployment rate is at a 2 year high. The real unemployment rate is probably much higher.

The Dow Jones Stock Index has fallen at least 10% from its 2007 high.

Economists differ markedly as to whether or not we are in, or will enter, a recession this year.

The cost of the Iraq war will surpass $500 billion by March 6, 2008.

And a Republican state legislator in Idaho blames all our problems on the Communist Party’s three part agenda to destroy our country by promoting feminism, homosexuality and environmentalism.

Make of this what you will.

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