Women will vote for Hillary Clinton, and will show up in very large numbers in the primaries/caucuses to do so.

Democrats shouldn’t evoke the name of Reagan if they have accepted endorsements from Unions.

Competence is beating hope as a campaign theme among Democratic voters so far.

Not enough people even know John Edwards is in the race outside the blogosphere.

The republicans are truly batshit crazy. And racist. And I don’t just mean their candidates.

Screaming 9/11 as the sole basis of your campaign is no longer a winning strategy.

No one in the media or the campaigns wants to talk about Iraq anymore. Or torture. Or the loss of our civil liberties. Except fake news broadcasters like Jon Stewart.

Don’t bet the house on a sweeping Democratic victory this Fall.

Chris Matthews is a pig. No, that’s not fair to pigs. He’s a limp dick unless an old manly Republican shows up. Then what he becomes can’t really be described if I want to keep my post’s PG-13 rating.

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