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Last night during CNN’s South Carolina Democratic Debate, John Edwards came out swinging, but not at Hillary or Obama, he came out swinging for the poor, the middle class – for those of us who aren’t getting billion dollar bonuses for closing down US manufacturing plants.

In turned out to be a Jerry Springer Show for political geeks, John Edwards kept on topic during the Hillary/Barack cage match. He was the only one that looked Presidential, acted Presidential and was the one that exhibited an inner strength that ourpre -Bush allies could respect. But he could stand his ground when the occasion arose. Hillary brought up the issue of trial lawyers donating to Edward’s campaign. Here is his golden response

CLINTON: Well, John, trial lawyers have given you millions and millions of dollars. So…

EDWARDS: And what they expect from me is they expect me to stand up for democracy, for the right to jury trial, for the right for little people to be heard in the courtroom. And that is exactly what I stand up for.

That is not the same thing. That is not the same thing as corporate lobbyists who are in there every single day lobbying against the interests of middle-class Americans. And I think we need a president who can stand up.

We have a difference about this. You’re entitled to your view. But we have a real difference about it.

Respectful but forceful.

We have had a President that has dished bullshit since way before he was ever elected and from what Hillary dished out last night, it just made mequeasy. Her relentless and unwarranted attacks on Obama were difficult to watch, especially the lies about the Reagan and Resco nonsense. That was NOT Presidential.

Oh yeah, one more thing, can we please get out of Iraq?

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