The Senate just voted 60-34 36 to table (kill) the Judiciary Committee’s version of the FISA bill which did not include telcom immunity. So, how did the New Democratic Coalition vote?

Members of the Senate New Democratic Coalition

* Sen. Max Baucus of Montana- NO
* Sen. Thomas R. Carper of Delaware- YES
* Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota- NO
* Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota- YES
* Sen. Herb Kohl of Wisconsin- NO
* Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana- YES
* Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut- YES
* Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas- NO
* Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida- YES
* Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska- YES
* Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas- YES
* Sen. Ken Salazar of Colorado- YES
* Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan-NO

And of course the DLC’s Chair of the ‘American Dream Initiative’, Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York- Not present