The CPAC meetings in DC have been showing up on television: on Fox News (which I watch as an equivalent to Comedy Central – as Craig Ferguson has said, it’s a channel where they make things up), on MSNBC, on CNN, and even on C-SPAN. They have given us much to consider:

– Romney’s resignation, where he actually stated that what Obama and Clinton wanted to do was “surrender to the enemy” after which Al Quaida would invade the US… and he didn’t want to stand in McCain’s way of preventing those occurances.

-Tom DeLay being interviewed at the CPAC saying that there was no way that people have caused or even contributed to Global Warming (and this from a guy who once made his living spraying poisons into the Texas air).

  • James Dobson came out and endorsed Huckabee, showing how fractured conservatives really are.
  • McCain, despite boos on his immigration policies, kept insisting that he was a conservative, too… a footsoldier in the Reagan Revolution… and, as we know, the one candidate that wants to really be the fottsoldier of the George W. Bush war machine.

While covering CPAC, a lot of TV commentators are saying that the Republicans, if they gel behind McCain, have a real chance of winning. Is America really ready for this?

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