I know that Booman is strongly in favor of Obama, and strongly opposed to Clinton. And he’s stated his reasons many times over. For myself, I was a Kucinich or Edwards supporter, lover of lost causes as I am. I have many doubts about Obama, but he clearly has the momentum at the moment. He’s not only winning, he’s winning by large margins against an opponent who was well funded, had the support of most of the Democratic establishment when she began her campaign, has a popular former President as her spouse to hit the stump for her, and (except for MsNBC’s band of merry sexists) the tacit support of much of the media who told us she was inevitable last year, and who continue to tell us she will still likely end up as the nominee.

It’s no secret I’m not thrilled with either Obama or Clinton. Neither of them is progressive enough for my taste. Both have taken money from big time lobbyists. Both propose solutions to the health care crisis that I find inadequate and which underwhelm me. But they are the last two standing. So I have to decide at some point who I want as the Democratic nominee, no matter how flawed I personally perceive both of them to be.

So, here’s your chance. Make your case as to why I or any other voter with doubts about both of these candidates should cast my lot with Hillary Clinton rather than Barack Obama. What strengths does she bring as the Democratic Party’s nominee? What policies does she propose to implement if she becomes President? Who will be her advisers and cabinet members and why are they the best choices to help her lead this country? What will she do to improve the economy, fight global warming, end the war? And what does she propose to do about all the criminal activity that the Bush administration has committed?

Here’s your forum to sing her praises and convince those of us on the fence that she’s the one. Have at it.

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