This is as good an epitaph as any:

The Clintons sought to marginalize Obama as a candidate for African Americans. It backfired.

African American voters and millions of other Americans aren’t buying what Hillary Clinton is selling. They didn’t regard her presidency as inevitable. Nor did they consider her years as first lady, or her time spent with Little Rock’s Rose Law Firm or her service on Wal-Mart’s board of directors as qualifying her to become the nation’s commander in chief.

They recognized the yeast in Hillary Clinton’s résumé.

And Obama’s message of hope and transformation, as National Urban League President Marc Morial observed, is resonating across race and class lines.

Clinton and her advisers also misread where African Americans are in 2008.

The Clintons have destroyed their reputation in the black community.

Yes, he does evoke a sense of pride in many African Americans. But it’s because of what he represents in the campaign: an inspirational African American who has strong personal qualities, excellent credentials, a vision for America and a family that will make the nation proud.

As they used to say in my old neighborhood, the Clintons “low-rated” Obama. Beneath their smiles, the Clintons are constitutionally unable to accept the possibility that he could be viewed more favorably or thought to be more capable of uniting and leading the country than Hillary.

Many African Americans have come to hold that view.

They aren’t alone.

I long ago lost any respect for the Clintons…especially Bill. But it comes as no shock to me to see Democrats off all races, genders, and classes coming around to the same low opinion. Just because you are unfairly attacked doesn’t make you virtuous. And it doesn’t mean you are above legitimate criticism…even contempt.

The Clintons presided over the near total destruction of the Democratic Party and then had the gall to think they’re entitled to inherit the party when it is on the rebound. No. They cannot be allowed to get near, let alone take over, this newly successful emerging progressive majority. All they’d do is fuck it up.

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