One of the problems with motivating the populace to stand up to their political leaders and demand a more forceful domestic and international response to human-caused environmental degradation is that we are presented with statistics but rarely a personal, motivating crisis. Well, it turns out a lot of the health issues we all attribute to bad luck or genes is in fact being caused by human activity. The WaPo online has an article detailing some of the latest research and metadata analysis which is now pointing to sudden and exponential increases in immunological disorders across the globe.

Immune Systems Increasingly On Attack

I have a personal interest in this and in my previous diary, I solicited anecdotal evidence to this effect (with admittedly little response), having seen people all around me succumbing to immunological disorders of all stripes, from weird allergies, to formerly esoteric diseases like vitiligo to lupus. Point is there are manifold increases in disease rates across the board and the evidence is piling up that it is due in large part to environmental degradation.

If the meme that people’s allergies and diseases are the likely result of generations of environmental abuse is propagated, I think you could vastly expand the movement towards a more sane treatment of our host planet.

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