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So I am up early working on my charity, (donate), while watching Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough.

This morning David Schuster was on and discussing the race for the Democratic nomination. Joe kept spewing, as he usually does, utter bullshit and David kept sticking to his “common sense” talking points. One issue they kept arguing over was Hillary vs Obama in the general election. Joe kept saying that since Hillary won Ohio, Obama will probably lose in a contest with McCain. Schuster assumed the WTF attitude and said the contest between Obama and Hillary has no bearing on how a contest in the general election will turn out. Scarborough was adamant about how Obama would be a disaster.

And so it went most of the early morning.

The good side of this is Joe Scarborough is no longer in Congress. I assume this is the same level of critical thinking Scarborough used in his legislative career. No wonder things are so screwed up. The sad thing is, those that followed Scarborough in Congress were worse. Not just in his old district, but all over America, lesser brains in the GOP infused themselves into Congress – some so backward thinking they made George W. Bush look like a genius.

Thankfully, some of that stupidity has been waning since the 2006 election. By the huge turnouts and independent support of Democratic candidates, it looks like even more Republicans will be swept out of Congress this fall.

And they even put Dennis Kucinich back on the ballot. Good news all around.

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