Some familiar names are accusing Obama of attending one of Reverend Wright’s inflammatory sermons.

Ron Kessler, author of several books that inordinately praise the CIA and FBI, wrote in Newsmax this weekend that, based on fellow Newsmax reporter Jim Wright’s account, Obama attended one of the services where Wright made his inflammatory statements.

But as the campaign points out, Obama gave a speech in Florida on this day.

So who is behind this smear? It’s worth a reminder.

Newsmax was founded by Chris Ruddy, the “journalist” who pursued the Vince Foster suicide and tried to make it into a murder mystery with Clinton involvement.

Richard Mellon Scaife, the “funding father” of the right-wing, is part-owner of Newsmax and had hired Ruddy to pursue the Vince Foster stories.

Former CIA Director William Casey was an early investor in Newsmax as well. And of course, Kessler has long been considered an asset of the CIA due to his fawning works about them.

It speaks well of Obama that the CIA/Rightwing nexus represented by Newsmax is launching attacks. That confirms that Obama is the good guy in the race.

It also makes sense that Newsmax is not waiting to attack Obama in the general, but trying to knock him out during the primaries in the hopes that the right could run their “Mr. Clean” re campaign financing against the most secretive candidate in recent years re campaign finances, Hillary Clinton.

What’s sad is that the Newsmax story has been given play in the blog of the Los Angeles Times, a formerly respectable paper.

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