John McCain goes to a Baptist megachuch but has never been baptized. No wonder James Dobson doesn’t believe he is a Christian.

Oprah finds out that endorsing candidates isn’t the best move for a celebrity.

Brendan has some advice for an old friend.

I know Iraq has lots of needs, but who is noz to say that a Heavy Metal band isn’t one of them. Okay, so it’s a matter of priorities. There is something kind of off about a Heavy Metal band that is too scared to wear their Heavy Metal t-shirts in public though. I thought that was a musical genre for tough guys.

Another thing I find a bit discordant is being lectured about Tibet by a woman with this name for a site. Not that she doesn’t have a point.

Deep thought of a friend: “I can understand why John McCain keeps getting the whole Iraq-Iran Sunni-Shi’ite thing screwed up because it makes absolutely no sense that we propped up a pro-Iranian Shi’a government there.”

I knew there was a Bush Kangaroo named Skippy, but I didn’t know there was a Rude Penguin named Badtux.

Why won’t Europe elect Americans?